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Featuring the host of Lighten Up! TV, Suzanne Ross. She's an inspirational author, speaker and wellness expert. Suzanne shares her vision for inspiring and empowering others by illuminating those who are making a powerful and positive difference.
In this inspiring episode, Nina Joy Rizzo shares the heart-breaking story of how the loss of her fiancee in a tragic accident awakened her to a new path of healing. On her journey of healing, Nina discovered her own innate ability to tune into the human body and trigger it's own self-correcting mechanisms. She discovered Ortho-Bionomy, a progressive method for hearing the body through the hands to initiate self-healing and self-correction. It's a powerful tool for resetting the body back to it's original blueprint. She also uses Cranio-sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation as other Osteopathic practices that also harmonize the body for optimal health and well-being.

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Nina Joy Rizzo in Hands That Hear You