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​Andrew Collins has traveled the world exploring ancient temple sites and on his expeditions, has uncovered some of the greatest mysteries of all time. He is an archeoastronomer who has discovered the celestial alignment of the constellation Cygnus (the Swan) with sacred sites around the world, particularly in Egypt where he discovered what is now known of as "Collins Cave" which aligns with the head of the Swan. His books, "The Cygnus Mystery" and more recently, "The Cygnus Key" include earth-shattering revelations that span millenia from ancient pre-history to the future golden age on this planet. He is also the author of several bestselling books including From The Ashes of Angels (Penguin, 1996), Gateway to Atlantis (Headline,2000) and Tutenkamun: The Exodus Conspiricy (Virgin Books, 2002), co-authored with Chris Ogilvie-Herald. He is the founder of psychic questing - whereby dreams and visions are used to discover hidden artifacts and uncover mysteries of the past and present.

Featured guest for AUGUST 2018

Andrew Collins

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