Suzanne Ross

Suzanne is the Executive Producer of Pleiadian Productions, LLC. She is the producer, narrator and host of Lighten Up! T.V. as well as an inspirational author, speaker and wellness expert. Suzanne shares her vision for inspiring and empowering others by illuminating those who are making a powerful and positive difference.
In this high frequency episode, Suzanne Ross interviews world-renowned musician/composer/artist/photographer, Marco Missinato, from the island if Crete. Marco has produced 15 award-winning albums and CD's and is well-known around the world as both a musician and composer. Marco is also an artist and photographer and shares his breathtaking images and photos on his inspirational Journey of Imagination website. He has dedicated his life to uplifting, inspiring and empowering humanity with his harmonious melodies and inspirational images as a messenger of peace, love, joy and harmony. He has now developed a blog called "Walking the Path" in which he will share a multi-media assortment of beautiful messages, videos, photos and images to support humanity during this time of transition and ascension into a higher way of living and being. 

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