This month's featured guest:

World-renowned Bestselling Author & Spiritual Teacher,


Suzanne Ross

Suzanne is the Executive Producer of Pleiadian Productions, LLC. She is the producer, narrator and host of Lighten Up! T.V. as well as an inspirational author, speaker and wellness expert. She shares her vision for inspiring others by illuminating those who are making a powerful and positive difference.

Over the past 4 decades, Barbara Hand Clow has become an icon within metaphysical and spiritual communities worldwide. She has written over a dozen phenomenal, bestselling books on metaphysics, spirituality and multi-dimensionality. Her books are truly revolutionary and have made a positive global impact on the ascending consciousness of humanity.

Barbara and her husband, Gerry Clow, have traveled around the world teaching advanced spiritual and metaphysical concepts from Mayan Calender Time Acceleration to Nine Dimensional Alchemy and offering Pleiadian Activations and Multi-dimensional Meditations.

Now, Barbara has embarked upon a revolutionary new fictional trilogy called the Revelations series. The first book "Revelations of the Ruby Crystal" was released in 2015 and the next book in the trilogy, Revelations of the Aquarian Age, will be released THIS MONTH, February 2018! We are so honored to present Barbara as our featured guest on Lighten Up! TV in this very special month. This is a 3-part interview series with the first 30-minute segment released on Feb. 1, the second on Feb. 10 and the third on Feb. 20.


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International bestselling author, DAVID HATCHER CHILDRESS

Watch Part One of this 3-part series NOW! Part 2 releases on Feb. 10. Part 3 releases on Feb. 20. Stay tuned all month to see the entire 90-minute interview!

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Barbara Hand Clow and her new fictional series:
"The Revelations" Trilogy
Dear Suzanne,
I just watched it and it is wonderful! You are amazing! I love all the back ground images, wonderful! How can I ever thank you except to support you in any way I can, which I will. It heartens me so much that anybody would do this with my work.               Love, Barbara