(NOTE: To book Suzanne as a speaker, email: LightenUpVibe@gmail.com)

Suzanne presents the "I AM, I CAN, I WILL" Empowerment Tour of 2015
​Suzanne presents at the Blue Ray Starseed event in November, 2017
Suzanne hosts the Supernatural Sedona event in September, 2016
Suzanne hosts a Spring Equinox retreat in Sedona in March, 2017
Suzanne hosts the COSMIC WAVE event in Sedona, AZ December 9-10, 2018
Come and see Suzanne speak at the Cosmic Awakening Conference in Sedona, Arizona on April 20-22, 2018
Suzanne hosts the Supernatural Sedona event in April, 2017

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Suzanne hosts a Fall Equinox retreat in Sedona in September, 2016
Featuring Recording Artist & Activist, J Brave of the Luminaries: