Suzanne has been an Integrative Wellness Specialist for over 25 years and has coached thousands of people enhancing their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. As a Spiritual Counselor and Channeler, Suzanne has the ability to:

- Tune into higher intelligence

-Remotely access your akashic records

-Ignite your energy centers

-Awaken your Higher Self

-Reunite fragmented soul aspects

-Reveal your Multidimensional Soul Aspects

-Activate dormant DNA strands

-Reveal your Divine Pupose

-Active Creation Codes for Manifestation

Suzanne is a compassionate coach and caring mentor who is passionate about healing your emotional body, balancing your karma, clearing your energy field, realigning you with your divine purpose and activating your light-body for your mission. She can tune you into your highest self, access your eternal soul and reunite your fragmented selves in multiple dimensions of time-space. She can also reconnect you with your star families and ignite starseed DNA. Suzanne will activate dormant DNA strands & ignite your super-human potential.
If you are ready for a major breakthrough and want to be an important player in heralding in the new golden age of enlightenment, make an appointment with her today. It will change your life dramatically in many
Powerful, Positive Ways!


Suzanne Ross

Integrative Wellness Specialist