​​Testimonials from Bestselling Author, Barbara Hand Clow:

I have finished reading "Wake Up!" and it is one of the finest books on personal transformation I have ever read. You say so much with so few words. It is a masterpiece. Thank you so much for giving it to me. This email is to let you know I am sure I will endorse your second book as soon as it arrives and I have read it. You are a wonderful and clear writer, and your heart is so much present in your work that I could almost hear it while I was reading it."

​~Barbara Hand Clow

Report on your workbook: I had a friend in NY order it to check it to see if it would be good for her sister who has tired to commit suicide twice last year and has been in a Canadian cool-out tank. My friend Marianne, got it and loved it so much she ordered another copy for her sister so that she could do the 10-day herself. Her sister responded by getting out of the tank and her husband is taking her to Hawaii for two weeks so she can do the 10-day! Now another friend recently widowed is having al kinds of pains with no physio source, so I am sending her my copy to her. Your work is really superb Suzanne, and I am waiting for your manuscript. Hugs, Barbara

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The Up! Trilogy

A Trilogy for the Mind, Body & Spirit

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Wake Up!

A 10-day Workshop

To Liberate the Mind from Limiting Beliefs

Wake Up!

A 10-day Workshop

That will Liberate your MIND from Limiting Beliefs

Coming in Spring 2019:


A 10-day Virtual Retreat

That Will ACTIVATE Your Light BODY!

Coming in Spring 2018:


10 days on the Ascension Path

A 10-day Virtual Adventure to

Sacred Sites Around the Globe